Faculty Research & Development Committee (FR&DC)

FR&DC serves as a vehicle to support and encourage faculty scholarly endeavors leading to presentation at regional and national conferences and publications.

The charge for the Committee is to develop a strategy for this scholarly research initiative:

  • Determine how to support faculty in their research;
  • Seek ways to institutionalize this effort;
  • Determine what kind of support is needed;
  • Develop methods to track the outcomes of the initiative;
  • Discover the kinds of expertise our faculty members already possess that can be utilized on a local and national level.

Conference Chair: Emmanuel Anoruo

Co-Chair: Ronald Williams, Dean

Conference Volume Editors:

Emmanuel Anoruo, Ph.D.
Elias Taylor, Ph.D.
Harry Legum, Ph.D.
Alcott Arthur, Ph.D.
Jacqueline Rhoden-Trader, Ph.D.

*The Conference Volume is not peer reviewed

Program Committee Members

Dr. Emmanuel Anoruo—Chair
Dr. Felix Abeson
Dr. Alcott Arthur
Dr. Roger Davidson
Dr. Ahmed El-Haggan Prof.
Dr. Mintesinot Jiru
Dr. Marjorie Miles
Dr. Rolande Murray
Dr. Jacqueline Rhoden-Trader
Dr. Elias Taylor
Denyce Watties-Daniels
Dr. Anthony Zias